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thundering giant

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It was early, too early even, we wanted to put a couple muskies in the boat before the storm which was in the forecast had a chance to keep us off the water. We hurried and pulled up to the first spot and started casting, fish on! A big walleye had attacked a big spinner bait, but it was not what we wanted, so we did not waste any time and released it immediately. The storm in the distance seemed to have had cleared up and all we had was rain. We kept moving, casting those big lures and working every inch of each chunk of weed and rock for a musky. Muskies took turns taking swipes at our lures but kept missing with a follow or two that would not commit to taking the bait. The excitement was high as we saw the fish were on fire and it was just a matter of time before we had a couple in the boat. Thunder started cracking in the distance, the clouds formed up again and started to darken while the wind started blowing and the rain just kept getting heavier, the storm was on us!


We packed it in fast and ran to the launch to wait it out (good thing we were not far). Although the storm did quiet down the rain was relentless and non stop, so be it, we were fishing anyway. Moved over to a farther spot that we had wanted to target as we had a good feeling it held a big fish.


Started casting the spot and after a few dozen casts each with no follow or any sort of action we feared the storm had maybe put a stop to the feed this morning. Given this spot being quite large we kept going to cover it all, and just before getting to the end of it, a giant came out of nowhere and "crushed" the bait and ran for the front of the boat hard and fast. The knees started shaking as we had a serious ball player on our hands. After a few minutes, the musky was boat side, and unhooked for a couple pictures.




safely released!

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Stopped scrolling down so I could just see the top of your hat so that I could read the full story before looking at the full pic...Glad I did. Awesome fish man! Congrats to you on a fish of a lifetime!

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