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    • Giant laker

      Not sure if you guys have seen some of his videos ... This is a huge laker through the ice  ...    

      in General Discussion

    • Wtb - Giant Novelty Rapala for garage

      Hey  I am looking for one of those obnoxious stupid large novelty rapalas that used to be popular a few years back.  I would like one for my garage. let me know what you have and price.  I live in Etobicoke , and drive to muskoka on most weekends thank you!

      in Fishing Tackle and Equipment

    • Giant carp!!

      So I went to the cottage today just to open it up for the season and make sure all was well which it was. I knew I wouldn't have time to do any fishing as I had to come home tonight for work early tomorrow. After cutting the grass getting the pump going etc. I found time to go for a short walk down the road to a place where a culvert large enough for a small tinny to go under crosses the road connecting the 2 sections of the lake. I look down and what do I see giant carp in the 10 to 15lb. range

      in General Discussion

    • Giant Golden Shiner? I sure hope so

      I caught this one tonight from Spencer Creek and 3 others about half its size. I looked all over to ID it and think its a Golden Shiner but not 100% sure. Im reading they grow to max 12" but this one was 13.5". What did I catch tonight?

      in General Discussion

    • The NEW FLY FISHER. "Giant Nipigon Pike." ep1.

      This past summer I had one new and cool opportunity to guide "The New Fly Fisher" T.V. show through Onaman River Resort on Lake Nipigon. Over five days, camped out on a quiet and remote island, we managed to film two full episodes in the one trip. Catching brook trout had been the main goal, but the pike fishing was so incredible as well that host Bill just couldn't help himself. A short write-up of how it came to be, which includes the link to the full first T.V. episode on the pike fishing is

      in General Discussion

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