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Northern Pike, and Gar Pike... Caught Too Close for Comfort to Rice!

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Was just checking out another forum that I am registered with, and there was a report of a Northern Pike and Gar Pike caught south of the bridge in hastings.. 1 Lock away from Rice! Just thought I would pass this along and see if anyone else has heard anything yet?



Kawartha Anglers Forum - Pike and Gar caught near Rice


Not sure if the link will work if your not registered with the forum, but here is the copy of the first post..


"Author: BUTCHER of Kawartha Anglers Fishing Forum



Well guys this is probably the worst thing i have ever had to report..


It started just south of our bridge in hastings..so not really rice lake ( but only 1 lock and 600 ft from the beginning of rice lake)....ok wed. night I was fishing just south of the bridge...and i had one HE_L of a hit...after the hook set ..i know it was no little fish...well it turned out to be a freekin northern pike....about 6-8 lbs...sure was a great fight but we dont need or want them in rice lake...they will kill it(sort of).....next it gets even worse....


So this morning i am fishing just north of our old rail way bridge(in town)....and here the bad news of the day...I landed a GAR PIKE he is not big....buy he was in the lake....I have grown up on this part of the river and in 35 year i NEVER SEEN OR HEARD OF 1 BEING CAUGHT ....I know there way down river (bradly bay) ....but sure was upsert to see it in the lake....

i did not have the camera with me for the pike ....yes i killed it....

but did get a couple of today disappointment....

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