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Canoe Trip with mishaps and a new PB

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Today i had my brother-in-law come up to help me paint my master bedroom and promised him i would take him out fishing while we let the first coat dry. After lots of prep work removing a wallpaper border (I hate anyone that uses wallpaper as it suuuuucks to get off) we finally got the primer coat on and got the canoe out around 6pm.


As we turn onto the street where i park i see in my rearview mirror that my tie-down has gone a bit slack indicating one of the foam blocks has wiggled loose. No problem i think, it is only 50yards to where i stop to unload. Well don't i take the turn into the parking lot and the damn thing comes sliding off the roof of my lancer and i catch it with my left hand out the window. bro comes across to right it so i can get out and fix it enough to limp to the drop off point. What an embarassment as two young girls chilling in a car in the lot ask if we need help, "no, but thanks for the offer" i mutter as i shield my face from other onlookers surely getting a good chuckle. Great start.


So we unload the green beast of a canoe and head out into Frenchmen's bay. The winds were pretty calm so we decided to take our chances and go check out a little not so offshore action in Lake O. It was a tad rough but managable and once we had the anchor out and were pointed into the waves we were pretty solid. As I tie the anchor my bro makes a comment something along the lines of "oh this will be good so long as your knots hold". I scoff at the remark as I am quite confident in my knots. Well sure enough doesn't the rope pull free at the anchor end about 20min into fishing. I have used that anchor without a retie for about 50 outings, i really can't remember what knot i had on it but apparently I suck cause it got free. There goes $30.


Not a great start to the trip, not a great midsection, well it can only improve from here provided we get back in the bay without tipping...


No anchor left we decide it is a little to sketchy to drift so we let out our lines and troll back in. A couple sea-do's make it alittle more hair-raising than it needed to be but whatever, we probably have shouldn't been out there in the first place.


Trolling in we plod our way through the breakwater, I glance at where we unloaded straight ahead think to myself "I do not want to end this trip like this". I turn us hard right as I have heard many people catch decent pike near the marina. We just get turned and my line starts pulling like im snagged in weeds. I put the paddle down and give'er a tug just incase. Well doesn't the weeds pull back. FISH ON! He feels ok, maybe 4-5 pounds i think to myself as I try to keep the line tight while my bro pulls his line in. It was tangled a bit in mine and he tells me not to bring it in too fast so he can get his lure unwrapped from mine. No way I tell him I have to keep the tension on. He really wasn't fighting hard and I catch a glimpse of his tail. My Brother asks "is it big" just as the pike sees us and peels off a good amount of my line. "ya it's a good one" i respond. After a few more runs I get it to the boat and its a big one. Grabbing it by the tail and pulling lifting it in was quite the chore and I estimate the weight at about 15lbs!


Easily my biggest fish EVER! Ofcourse i forgot my camera and my scale with measuring tape was still in my vest from spring trout fishing but got a pic on the camera phone quick before letting the beast go to fight another day.




I will gladly tip the canoe off the roof of my car and lose an anchor for more fish like that any day.


Trip status = Success!

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I learned my lesson about securing the canoe years ago...hit the pavement doing about 60km/h..I could smell the melting fibreglass when I got out :lol: Congrats on the PB -- forgetting the camera is a great strategy, btw

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