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First Fish on the Fly Rod

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Hi Everyone,


I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy at school but I'm done now! :)


I got a fly rod +reel a while ago for my B-day and finally got to fish with it. (I've been practicing in the backyard)


I tried for a bit with a dry fly but i had no success so i pulled out a Hare's Ear nymph and caught around 6 of these guys.






I didn't bother taking anymore pics since they were basically all the same size.


I also had one fish try to eat my indicator!


I only was out for a few hours but i had a great time.



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Congratulations. Nice! Six fish on your first attempt!! My first day fly fishing (last year) I caught one creek chub LOL, and I was happy. If I had caught six trout I'd have been in heaven. Nice going! :clapping:

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Those smolts shake like mad and put up a good fight on light gear for sure. I'm done trout fishing for the season because the water temps are getting up to dangerous levels. Time to chase bass, pike and whatever else decides to eat a topwater.

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