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Nipissing Reminder

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From an Ontario gov't website:


Anglers planning to fish on Lake Nipissing are urged to review limits and seasons for the lake. Although located in Fisheries Management Zone 11, Lake Nipissing has special limits for walleye, northern pike and yellow perch.


The daily catch and possession limit on Lake Nipissing for anglers with a sport fishing licence is four walleye, with none between 40 cm and 60 cm in length. The daily catch and possession limit on Lake Nipissing for anglers with a conservation fishing licence is two walleye, with none between 40 cm and 60 cm in length.


The northern pike limit is four with a sport fishing licence, with not more than two greater than 61 cm, of which not more than one is greater than 86 cm. With a conservation licence, the limit is two, with not more than one greater than 61 cm, and none greater than 86 cm.


The yellow perch limit with a sport fishing licence is 25 in one day, with a possession limit of 50. Under a conservation fishing licence the perch limit is the same as the rest of Zone 11 - 25 in one day with a possession limit of 25.


Lake Nipissing also has different angling seasons. Anglers are encouraged to always check the Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary and any exceptions before venturing out on any water body to fish.






* Lake Nipissing's angling seasons and limits for walleye, northern pike and yellow perch are exceptions to the base regulations for Fisheries Management Zone 11. Exceptions for Zone 11 are on pages 60-61 of the 2008-2009 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.

* As one of the top five inland lakes fished in Ontario, Lake Nipissing is managed separately from the rest of the Fisheries Management Zone 11.

* All revenue from sales of fishing and hunting licences in Ontario is used for fisheries and wildlife management.

* About 1.4 million anglers fish in Ontario each year, spending spend more than $2.3 billion in the province annually.


The 40-60 cm slot is particularly important, as other lakes in the area have a 43-60 slot.


By the way, I hear conflicting stories. If a C.O. checks the length of your fish, is it with the fish's tail in a natural position, or is the tail squeezed out to maximum length? I tend to measure the bottom of the slot with the tail squeezed out and the top of the slot with the tail natural, just to be on the safe side... but if I were sure, that wouldn't be necessary.

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The internet makes everything easy. ;)


I shouldn't have asked the question. When in doubt, look it up. :)


Then again, some entertainment value might have been lost. B)

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