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Some More Bows With Lloyd!!!!

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Well I'm not much for writing detailed reports and It won't do justice to the the great time we had with Lloyd and his professionalism. For the most part I'll let the pics do the talking.


My Saturday morning actually started Friday morning. Got home from work 6:30 Friday night and got everything ready for Saturday morning. 9:30pm work called and said asked if I could come in for a few hours. Finished work at 1am. Showered at the yard, grabbed a coffee, and drove to Whitby to meet memart. Had to be at his house for 4am. Got there at 3am. Great...nap in the car. 3:10 I hear "You want a coffee?"....dammit. After a few coffees and smokes we headed down to Port Hope. Met Lloyd and two other board members, DAKING EH2007 and Weekend Warrior.


Headed out (another beauty morning). Lloyd got the rods out and it didn't take long for the first hit. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough. oh well. First up...




One of Rob's...




Siesta...man that's comfy...




Woke up, or got woken up, just in time to fight this beauty. We thought she was a salmon for a while by the way she just kept running and peeling. My PB 31"




Couple More...






And the best of all...




Thanks again Lloyd of U & Me Guide Service. He knows where they are. And just an awesome guy. Hope to get out again.




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Lloyd is a great guy and sure knows how to catch fish

I learn something new from him each time I get to fish with him

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