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New gear purchases for 09

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as usual we all go buy a bunch of stuff every year to expand or replace our fishing gear and thought i would share a couple things with everyone.

On my boat I mounted cooks tackle orginizers under two of the hatches- these thing are great i hang all my spinner/buzzbaits and pitchen jigs on them with the pack of shower rings I hang bags of plastics .


I also mounted retractable rod straps on my boat again very good product as the rod locker in a older 18ft ranger isn't good for much other than safety equipment (or i go back to 6ft rods) had the boat in some very bad water and no problems like them much better than my velcro rod savers.


berkley amp rod- for 35 bux had to try it, one piece it's light and senstive but a little wippy not much backbone i use it for lindy rigging works good in that app for me


rapala type-R 7'2" trigger mh rod- ok this has to be the value rod of the year it's feels everybit as good as any of my crucials or carrot stixs, st.croix and it's $90


put a new abu garcia revo sx in use wow what a reel 11 bearing smooth as silk and casts like a bullit it feels everybit as good as my chronarchs but a bit heavier with a quicker spool.


for lures the only real new thing for me is Strike Zone Dart worms played with these in a tank can't wait to drop shot these for some buckets.

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Sounds like you have installed/got some good stuff. Let me know how those drop shot baits work, was looking at them the other day. And the tackle organizer/rod straps were good ideas as organization while fishing is key.

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