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Boat Progress !

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Hey everyone,


Well the steel flex went on yesterday and I was away at a meeting all day for work so when I came home she was nice and hard !


One thing that kind of concerned me was the color.... it well... CHANGED color ? It was green, wait..."olive drab" when we put it on but it dried brown ? Except for on one spot. We put 2 semi thin coats on... and deemed that ok. Put the first coat on... waited for about 3 and a half hours and then put the second on.

Its weird ! I also noticed in some spot where we had layed it on thick and it was running ( vertical areas ) that there was kind of a brown line at the front of the run... Heres some pics to show ...


Here you can kind of see the brown line but its kind of blurry...



And here are the rest..






So ya, I guess Im ok with the color... seeing as its beneath the water line... but still its kind of weird. It fees like it has dried properly.... we are still going to wait another day before flippin it over just to make sure its cured completely.


Another step closer to a finished product !!!! =D> =D> =D>


PS, This is my post from "www.tinboats.net" ...Steel Flex is a popular product on that site... It an epoxy used on air boats .... good for sealing leaky aluminum's. Its like a thick paste and when it cures.... after about 16 hrs.... it turns rock hard and seals EVERYTHING !!! I've heard very good reviews with the stuff... so I'm pretty confident. All I have left to do now is a little flooring on the inside and then carpeting everything. Also I need to paint the topside of the boat but I haven't decided on a color yet. I was going to do it in the "olive drab" color but since the bottom didn't turn out, I'm stuck now and don't know what color to paint her ! She is ready for the water mechanically... but not cosmetically ! haha Any opinions on a color for the top side ? I was thinking black !


Thanks for looking !

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looks like it's almost ready. good job.

hull, hummm, white or sky blue? Ohhhh, how's about painting it like a big musky considering the colour it is now... ;):D

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