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Oakville Kings came breifly Sat. morn..

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Well, my friend Capt. skoots called me up and asked if I would like to go King hunting again...

Me being the fish enthusiast with Kingitus(thanx skoot) gladly accepted..


We launched out of Oakville a bit earlier this time.

It was 5:05 a.m. when engined fired and we were heading out to sea...LOL


We hit the magical number of 100 FOW and as before, skoots handed me the wheel and proceeded to rig up..

All lines in the water and we started markin nice hooks at 137 FOW..

So all eyes are on the tips as we come upon a nice school of bait fish.

We could tell by the way they were formed they were being chased and then at 145 FOW


WHAM!!!!!! The diver rig on the port side starts rockin like she wants to take rig and all.


skoots grabs the rod and sets the hook and then hands her to me..

He is a good Capt. and while I faught this hog he was clearing the way.

I could tell by the weight that she was a big sow...

Well she surfaced about 100 ft back and then charged the boat...


Capt. is reminding me to keep her tight and I am screaming the wire line back to the reel as fast as I can.

As I ease back to put more tension on.....TWOING!!!! The whole set up comes flying back towards the boat and she turns and kicks tail, goodbye...


Determined to hunt her down, Capt. turns us around and we setup and cruise right throught the waypointed same exact spot..

The hooks appeared again and the baitfish were still there so we both looked at each other and just grinned..


Just as we pasted over the exact spot as marked....


WHAM!!!!!!! Same rod with the same rig fires HARD....


Skoots grabs her, pumps a couple times and she is set and sceaming off wire.

That's when he hands me the rod and says, " she's all urs Willy "...





Well as I waiting for the screamin to stop I am thinking..."You are NOT spitting me this time sweetheart"

And she faught like a champ with killer head throws and a few good screamers...


Now this is what I like to call...Having Fun...

She was finally tiring and I slowly brought her right up to the plate and she had no resistance as skoots scooped her up and leaned her into the boat....





WHEW!!!! That was so much fun we had to try it again.

So we set back up again and went right through the same spot and skoots took his turn at landing a smaller one.



We tried that spot one more time and they were gone...

No hooks at all and no baitfish...


So we decide to run downstream a bit towards TO. as we were turning around to head back, Capt. wanted to try a bit shallower so we headed into 100 FOW...


Well, just as we hit 100 FOW, we didn't mark anything but the diver went off again and skooter boated his second for the day...



For me it was a Great day at 3 for 6....

Getting better every day skoots..


Thanx again..



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