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Upper Buckhorn today

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Headed out this morning on Chemong, was nice and calm very little wind.


Hit the usual spots with the usual small offerings.


Water temps now 67F.


Fish are more active than they were a few days ago.


Boat traffic increased and it was becoming anoying so I moved on over to Buckhorn lake.


Found some nice sized perch and a few wgsf.


Started targeting walleye and came up with a few OOS bass.


Then out of now where on a weedline in about 7 FOW i hook into my first decent walleye for 2009.


Grabbed the new net and slimed it for the first time. :D


Measured 19.5 inches.












This one put up a decent fight and was released to fight another day.


After the walleye more perch etc.


I watched as an impressive storm rolled through towards the south.


I managed to stay dry :thumbsup_anim:


After it let up I called it a day.


Hoping to get back out tomorrow :Gonefishing:

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That is a nice walleye Jeff, good to see. Good job on releasing it as well. I know how tough it can be to let a tasty fish go.

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