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Whittle Lake report

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Got back from my fly in trip on the weekend and had a very good time.


Want to give Solopadller and Smokey credit for helping me out with info.


The trip did not start off good as we didnt even get to North Bay before the snow started falling.


Hey I dont mind some flakes in the air in May but 4-5 inches on the ground is a bit much for the last day of May!!




Finally made it to Nakina after 12.5 hours and then had Luenenburgers fly us into Whittle lake, approxiamtely 75 miles north of Nakina.


The cabin is awesome for being in the middle of nowhere!!




After a quick look around it is apparent that we were not the first one at the cottage , looks like the wolves got this moose in tskullhe winter.


That is a hip section not a skull, it was 10 feet from the cabin door!!!!




The weather was very bad for the week with only 1 good day out of the 5.


Did manage a rare sighting of Devo fishing the lake!




Water temp was a balmy 45 degrees with the incoming river temps a bone chilling 42 degrees. this was a result of the snow melting and an average high temp of 6 degrees!


There were no eyes in the shallows at all as a result of the rapidly falling temps and the fact that they just finished spawning the week before.


We trolled for the first 2 days trying to find some active fish and to save our freezing hands!


After a couple days we finally had a day that broke 10 degrees and manged to get on some walleyes.





On with the fish pron!!!





For a first for me I managed to catch a few blue walleye, here is an example of the difference between a normal pigmented fish and a "blue"







And a blue




And finally a stringer photo from our big fish fry on the last night.





Sadly it is over for the year and have to wait to go back again in the future. The next time I think it will be a few weeks later in the season and will be for 7 days not for the 5 we went for!!

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Is this Whittle Lake in a Provincial Park? It's name rings a bell.


Anyways, cabin looks mint. With the weather I bet it surely made your vacation that much better. It's tough conditions across the north this spring.

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You sure that "blue" walleye wasn't just cold? Did you do a colour inventory of all yer extremities when you dove in for your daily ablutions? Betchoo had blue parts too.



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Fabulous trip despite the weather! Thanks for posting it's always nice to see pic's from that neck of the woods.


So I take it the eye is okay or were you squintin' at 'em all week? :)


Speaking of Smokey where the heck is he? Just realized when his name was mentioned that he's been conspicuous by his absence.

What gives, anyone know? :dunno:

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I was squinting all week!

See the Dr again tomorrow.

Smokey was having computer problems a few weeks ago so thats probably why he hasnt been around.


Wish I could turn around and go back!

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