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We are looking for donations for our kids tournament, that my wife ( miss kelly ) and i run.

here is a copy of the letter we send out .




Dear Sir/Madam




On July 18 2009 Dann and Kelly Wight will be hosting the annual childrens fishing tournament

at Bailey's Bay Resort with the help of many volunteers.


Approximately 175 children between 2-16 years of age participate in this event each year, with

each child coming away with a prize. A large prize is awarded to the top "fisher kid's" in the

various age groups and a small prize for each of the other children. Our goal is to ensure it is a

fun filled day of fishing, socializing and enjoying a barbecue together.


The success of this event is largley due to the generous contributions made by companies such as yours.

If you are able to contribute to the success of the childrens fishing tournament this

coming year, please contact the organizers of the event, Dann and Kelly Wight

at [email protected]



Sincerely, Dann wight




anyone that can help out would be greatly appreciated , thank you.

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