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not a bad day on the water

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Hit the cottage up this weekend with dreams of hooking into my first musky. Didn’t hit the water until 630 as I had to drive to the boat launch in the morning but we saw a doe on the way over and it would turn out to be a long day anyways. Trolled and casted every spot we could think of until 230 when we decided to head in for lunch with another doe on the shore of some narrows and only one decent oos bass and to show for it. Caught on an 8” believer…quite the sight to see.


Decided to head all the way down to the other end of the lake to see If my uncle could point us in the right direction….I figured we would troll the last shoreline to his lodge and a minute into the troll my partners rod goes off…I kill the motor and grab the net as he battles this fish, we know were dealing with a musky. The fish came right into the boat fairly quick and at this point I had him 3 feet off the end of the net…..I saw him flash just in front of me and he made a strong run – from my vantage point I could tell he was a respectable fish, at this point he swam directly at the boat which took the tension off the rod and our battle was over. While we did lose this fish it gave us the drive to continue fishing hard all day.


After a chat with my uncle and a few pointers handed down we headed in the direction of a few spots of interest. We hit a deep weed bed off a rocky point that is said to contain a few fish. Casted for probably ½ an hour and I get a hit. Not much of a fight but I pulled this beautiful 24” pickerel from the water. Caught him on a super stalker…I was very happy with this fish but wouldn’t have minded a smaller one that would fit in a frying pan, but this isn’t the time to complain…haha. Spent another ½ hr casting before we took off on the troll.





Trolled and trolled and trolled some more until about 9 o’clock when I trolled up to my dock. I decided to keep on moving as it wasn’t quite dark yet, im sure glad I didabout 20 minutes around the bay later my reel went off….killed the boat and pulled this guy into the net at 920 pm. My first ever musky and valuable lesson learned…put the time in and I will succeed with these fish. Back into the drink she went and we slowly trolled back to the dock. While the first fish we had on was significantly larger I am not about to complain about the size of this one. My first day targeting musky left us 1 for 2 with a bonus pickerel to boot.


I have been reading about these fish since the end of deer season and I would like to thank OFC for the resources available on this site. My goal of boating a musky this year has been changed – my new goal is to boat a 40” musky


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thanks guys,


Im hooked for sure....i was planning the next trip before the boat was on the trailer.

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Nice job.


One thing I've always noticed while musky fishing is that you accidentally catch BIG walleye on musky baits.

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