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Lake Simcoe fishing update!

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I spent a few days this week doing some promotional charters, had some total greenhorns out and they had no trouble falling in love with fishing! But when your having 30 + fish days whats not to love!

We spent most of the time jigging for lakers and the action has been steady.working 80fow with tubes and spoons has been the ticket. Lots of fish over 10lbs and a couple pigs. The whities have also been around in the bunches and provide some steady action inbetween lakers. In 4 days on the water we've boated over 150 fish. The fishing is going to be hot for the next couple weeks, if you have the chance get out and take advantage!




Ryan Hare

We Pound 'Em Fishing










Her first fish ever















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You have inspired me to get out on simcoe for some action! Can you explain the basics as to how your catching so many fish.


Don't take bananas on the boat.



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Excellent report and pics Ryan :thumbsup_anim:

How can you not love fishing when you get into so many fish :w00t:

You certainly got them dialed in :clapping::worthy:

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!!


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