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Rich Clemens

Few Days on the Rideau

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Well, my father and step-mother headed north a couple weeks ago and, having some unscheduled vacation time this year, I decided to drive up for an extended week-end. Long drive for only a few day's fishing, but it's not gonna be that many years before Dad stops making the trip. So, I thought I'd surprise him with a last minute phone call to the camp and spend a few days together. Whether we caught anything or not wasn't really the purpose of this trip. (but the crappy gods smiled upon us).


There's some good bass fishing in this system, but unfortunately, we still had a few weeks to wait. We could see a few very nice specimens on the beds just off the docks. Come June, they'll make some fisherman/woman very happy.


I didn't take a lot of pictures, but we did manage to catch some very respectable fish. Had enough for a camp fish fry and even a batch to freeze and back home again. Yup - I'm tired of cleaning fish now. The weather before I arrived was a mixed bag of wind, rain, and even some hail. So I thought some good ole USA weather with me. Cool evenings, Daytime in the 60's/70's and NO rain. Excellent weather for the entire 4 days. I joked around that I brought the weather with me and would be taking it back again. We'll when I called back up today to let everyone know I made it home safe and sound, the current weather: Cloudy and rain drops, with a front moving through later today. I was informed that I will pay for this when I return in September.


One of the day's catch:



One more day's catch:



Some were nice-sized and quite a bit larger than my hand. We caught quite a few, but only kept the nicer ones





Ah yes: Nothing like a fish fry:



This one is for my friend and board member Steve_Paul. Here ya go bud ... are ya homesick yet ?? We swung around the back of the island to see if we could find your brother's place, but we couldn't see the place with the moose out back. Maybe next time. Good luck to ya when you head up in a few weeks:



Looking forward to the West Arm in less than three weeks. :clapping::clapping:

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nice crappie. I was in eastern ontario a couple of days ago, and I only managed a few very small crappie.

Any hints and tips on what kind of structure and depth were you are fishing on?


and BTW, are the crappie you caught still spawning? A few of the ones I caught still had spawn left in them.

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Only one or two of those we filleted still had roe in them. We were basically fishing about 20' from the shore line and in about 8 - 12 FOW. Most were along rock drop-offs. We tried to avoid known weed beds along the shore for fear of getting into where the bass may be nesting. We did catch some nice sized bass, but they were all released boat side, while still in the water.


Basically we were using a small jig head and a 3" Berkley Power Bait. I primarily used pumpkinseed color. They seemed to go for the brownish colors best. Although we did have a little success on while and chartreuse. Brown seemed to be the color of choice for those in camp that week. Most of the time, we just dropped the bait over the side and drifted along the drop-off.


Of course, Dad and I went out late in the evening for a little action and guess who forgot to take his camera. Picked up a 30" pike on one of these little jig heads. Fortunately he was caught in the side of the mouth and somehow managed to wrap the line around his mouth - preventing a bite off. But - we had a number of pike bite off the lighter weight lines.

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That's awesome Rich! I was probably only in about 5 - 6 FOW under a bridge piling at night.

Nice fish again! :Gonefishing:

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Hey Rich - thanks for the pic. Yup will be good to be heading "home".


The moose may be out when you go back up - not sure what my sis is planning this year but hopefully I can point you in the right direction after I return.

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Good on you for surprising your folks and spend quality time on the water :worthy::thumbsup_anim:

You guys certainly got into some nice slabs!!! congratulations :clapping:

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!!


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