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BFSC Kevin

head on collision

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      I have a Jiffy power head that obviously doesn't work (cause they are all garbage these days), and i don't particularly want to put the money into getting it fixed again if it's just gonna break down again after a few holes - It has already been in for repairs 3 times. the last time they could not fix the problem. i know stores like Home Depot will sell Power heads for Earth augers. has anyone tried these out on the ice? i would obviously be putting my 10" Jiffy auger blade on the new power

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      What I love the best about my smokers is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   I get to do it my way  BONUS Smokey steel head jerky       YUMMY  

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      Does anyone drive by that lake on a regular basis? Just curious if the water level is as low now as it was last fall when some dummies decided to damage the artificial dam.   As dangerous as it normally is, I don't feel like taking out my lower unit.

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    • Head Lake Walleyes?

      Hey fellas, headin up to Head Lake this Saturday with my buddy. Wondering what sort of structure or water depths I should be checking out for walleye this time of year. River mouths? Drop offs? The Head river looks interesting as well... My buddy's never caught one, and I'm not much a walleye angler... more into bass, pike and whatever wants to take my lure. Mostly any walleye I get are accidental catches. Any tips you wish to share with me would be much appreciated, and hopefully my buddy can l

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    • First post! Anyone head out on the Huntsville lakes this weekend?

      I just bought my first boat (16.5 princecraft tiller.) and new to the area. Moved back to Ontario last summer from out west and joined this forum. Haven't had any posts because I haven't had anything to post about. Hoping to get on the water after work later in the week.   Anyone have any updates on where the walleye and crappie populations are at on Vernon?   MB

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