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First ice trek of the yr...Lake Simcoe

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My Buddy and I ventured out yesterday on the ice with my portable to do a little fishing and check how the ice was out behind Georgina and Thorah ....Man was it windy ...we travelled out from Port Bolster and and moved over to the Pefferlaw post line ...it runs all the way out to the big lake on the east side of Georgina...and there is an area of about 1/2 mile of rough ice to navigate... past that there was very little snow and mainly real smooth black ice...we went to the backside of Georgina directly north of the police tower on the island about 1 1/2 miles ...a tipup town is just starting to develop out there with operators huts and a dozen or so private huts set up...drilled a few holes and found 12' of nice black ice ...fished for about an hour ...nothing ...there is lots of snowmobile/atv traffic out there with a real nice group of huts just off Woodsman's Shoal (behind Thorah)...went to shore to get the perm hut ready ...now all we need is the winds to let up for a couple of hours so we can plant it and play.


Remember to check as you go if you leave the post line/tree lines .....play safe.



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