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fishing report and minnow situation

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There is a rumor circulating that I have no minnows. This is not the truth. What happened is that I ran out of minnows last Sunday at 2:30 pm. Never thought that I would go through 11,500. minnows in 2 and 1/2 days. I was closed on Monday morning until I got my new supply in. I do have minnows and will have all kinds for the weekend. Planning on bringing in 12,000 for the week end. I'm getting another 4000 tomorrow morning.

We are checking some different area's this week and I will be letting you all know on the weekend when you come in if they are a go or not yet. We have not got any good conclusions to announce anything yet. You all know me I want to check safety first then the fishing. I do know that these areas are not touched by any-one at this time and they are hot spots at the right time of the season. The other area's such as Pointe Anne (current area), Pete’s Point, Herkimer, Big Island have been hit hard by a lot of people and the bite is not as furious as it was so this is our main reason to start checking out our area's that we know about and when there on we can start sending our customers to them. I will know for sure by Friday afternoon.

Have fun be safe and bring back everything you took with you ......Ron

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