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Bass Master Classic in 2 days

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Post your picks for who is going to take the classic this year.


I wont pick KVD cuz thats like picking Tiger Woods at a Major!


I am thinking Mike Iconelli since his classic win was also down in the bayou if I remember right.

At least it is a sign of spring!




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Gary Klein won't win as he has failed in his previous 26 attempts to win a Classic.


KVD goes in 4 year cycles. He won in 2001 and 2005, does that mean 2009?


He is my pick. As a dark horse I will take Greg Hackney.




Here is the lowdown:


This February Kim Bain will join the ranks of Annika Sorenstam and Danica Patrick as a female competing against men on her sport's biggest stage, namely the 2009 Bassmaster Classic. How do you think she will do against the men? I think she has just as good a shot as any of the men. Maybe her lack of experience will be her downfall. Luck will play a part and thus she has a chance.


This years field has 51 entrants of which 13 are Classic Rookies


There are 7 former Classic champs in the field: Jones 2008, VanDam 2001, 2005, Iaconelli 2003, Davis 1995, Duckett 2007, Hite 1999, and Clunn, 1976, 1977, 1984, 1990


There are 9 former Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Anglers of the Year: VanDam 1992, 1996, 1999, 2008, Reese 2007, Iaconelli 2006, Davis 1995, 1998, 2001, Martens 2005, Horton 2000, Klein 1989, 1993, Hite 1997, 2002, and Clunn 1988


Casey Ashley is the youngest at 25


Rick Clunn will be oldest at 62


Clunn will break his own record for most Classics fished with 32 while another BASS great, Gary Klein, can break his own record of Classic futility if he fails to win in 2009. He already holds the record for most appearances without a win at 26


If he can win his 5th title, Clunn will eclipse Woo Daves' record as the oldest Classic champ. Daves was 54 years, 2 months and 28 days old when he won the 2000 title. Florida's Bernie Schultz could also break Daves' record with his first BASS win. He'll be three months older than Daves was when the next Classic ends


No one in the field can break Stanley Mitchell's record as youngest Classic champ. Mitchell was 21 years, 5 months and 19 days old when he won in 1981


Do any of you enter or run fishing pools?




1. Casey Ashley

2. Kim Bain-Moore

3. Ken Baumgardner

4. Michael Burns

5. Brent Chapman

6. Rick Clunn

7. Mark Davis

8. Boyd Duckett

9. Jay Evans

10. Edwin Evers

11. Todd Faircloth

12. Terry Fitzpatrick

13. Jami Fralick

14. Shaw Grigsby

15. Greg Hackney

16. Matt Herren

17. Kenyon Hill

18. Davy Hite

19. Randy Howell

20. Timmy Horton

21. Bryan Hudgins

22. Michael Iaconelli

23. Alton Jones

24. Kelly Jordon

25. Steve Kennedy

26. Kotaro Kiriyama

27. Gary Klein

28. Bobby Lane

29. Bill Lowen

30. Aaron Martens

31. Mike McClelland

32. Ish Monroe

33. Rick Morris

34. Scott Parker

35. Waine Pittman

36. Greg Pugh

37. Skeet Reese

38. Dean Rojas

39. Scott Rook

40. Fred Roumbanis

41. Bryan Schmidt

42. Bernie Schultz

43. Terry Scroggins

44. Brian Snowden

45. Peter Thliveros

46. Kevin VanDam

47. Byron Velvick

48. Dustin Wilks

49. David Williams

50. Kevin Wirth

51. Dave Wolak

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1. Boyd Duckett - was on em hard in pre-practice

2. Hack - local and all-around awesome stick

3. Edwin Evers - left official practice to attend birth of his first born which is usually a good luck harbinger


But betting against KVD is never a profitable venture. :)

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Todd Faircloth was neck-in-neck with Kevin VanDam into the last event of the year, and should have won Angler of the Year.

He's my pick to win the Classic.

Unless the weather changes things.

There is rain predicted for today and then a huge cold front for the weekend. There will be rain and snow to the north, and according to the experts, the Red River could muddy up fast.

If conditions change, everything that was learned during the practice in December might go out the window...

In that case, in my opinion, the only safe bet is KVD. He's the thinking man's angler, he won't get frustrated, or have a melt-down. This is doubly true if he gets an early lead...There will be a huge intimidation factor at work if he does.

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Guest skeeter99

dont forget to get your fantasy fishing team up on espn.com (it is free)


here is the link




maybe get a OFC group going for bragging rights


or if you want I will create it and give the name so you can join


if you rank in the top worldwide you get cash


last year ron james from fish t.v. won $8000 U.S. cashiers check for finishing in the top ten

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Guest skeeter99
Ron James won through the FLW fantasy fishing which is open to Canadians. I won a $10 Walmart gift card, but it's only good in U.S. stores.


The ESPN one is B.A.S.S. the competitor to FLW.



yeah u are correct I heard it from a shimano rep last year was not sure if it was bassmaster or flw

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1. Hackney is a local, he'll do well, but he wont win it... the crowds around him will be too big.

2. Scott Rook is a great river fisherman

3. Kelly Jordon is another great river fisherman

4. Rick Clunn ... i know he's on them right now, and he's got a flat bottom aluminum boat to get into the backwaters.

5. Ish Monroe ... same deal as Clunn, I know he's going where others cant, he's a wild man.

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