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Cooking, Camp, and Misc. tips....

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This is a good one!


How to Use a Backwoods Cooking Thermometer


When you heat oil over a campfire to fry fish, place an unlit wooden match in the pan to determine when it’s ready. Once the oil reaches 350 degrees--the optimum temperature--the match head will ignite and then fizzle. Scoop out the match and throw in the fish. --Eli Ricke, Bagley, Minn.


Thanks for posting the tips,




Another good one:


Save Wet Electronics


If your handheld GPS, digital camera, radio, or other electronic equipment gets an accidental soaking, try packing it in a zip-seal bag full of dry, uncooked rice for 24 hours. The grains will absorb moisture without applying heat, which can cause parts to warp. More often than not, your valuable gear will be back in operating condition after this treatment.



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