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Bass, boats, bars, babes and bikini's!


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Now that I have your attention...lol.


Just wondered if anyone has had success fishing Okeechobee?


My buddy just offered me a 12 day trip, staying at his grandparents place, to fish Okeechobee from March 18-29.


We will be launching out of Clewiston, and running in his 21ft Ranger with 225. So anywhere on the Lake is fish-able.


Obviously the lake is pretty weed-choked, but just wondering if anyone has found a certain technique(s) seem to outproduce others?




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Live Golden Shiner fishin' is the way to go for the big boys!!! :Gonefishing:


Artificials won't catch much over 3 lbs.... unless you hook a Alligator on a buzzbait! :wallbash:



Just wondering out of curiosity, With or without Bobber. Seen one of the shows where they used a Ballon.

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I remember watching a couple TC shows of doing SHINER FISHING at Lake Okeechobee...and as HOLDFAST mentioned, they were using BALLOONS as their bobbers...?

Hope you have fun!! Report back to us with pics... I heard there are PIGS in that lake!

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Ya, I've done the whole live shiner thing, but this time, my buddy and I are going with only artificials.




P.S - Let's just say that my (soon to be) ex-wife, has A LOT more to lose than I do!

So...if she wants to play hardball...so be it! I will end up with a 21ft Ranger, brand new SUV and my own house! :lol:

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