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We're doing Quinte too......NOW

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Well, my son called and asked if I wanted to do the last 2 days of Musky fishing the Kawarthas..

and after reading 'FishNsled's",... post, it is exactly what we were going to do...except Pigeon rather than Balsam.


One message from Gerritt and we are doing Quinte with `ya all.....

Shouldnt take me longer then a quick whizz to re-rig the boat...and the gear.`


The wife and I have fished "The Reach", quite a bit recently and last time out we lost a board and the other we lost a snap connectio"n on another board. ....no offence but...(fishing with my better half)...


Seems no one has anymore boards out my way...

(I'd like to add that I live in Quinte....and there are no boards available....they have all been sold out at last I looked...and its no wonder))

Anyone have an extra set...I'd gladly purchase them. Drop me a line and let me know...otherwise we'll see Ya'll at the launch.

OK...Im begging now....I need a set of boards...Limit of $100 left/right....


Gerritt...bring them boots sir...bring ém...if you didnt get my PM..lemme know where your staying..K bud.


Everyone have a very safe, fun and successful weekend.


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