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Lovely shore Rice Lake walleye

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The weather was extremely calm yesterday night. With this condition, it should be bad for walleye night shore fishing. Nature is unpredictable and here's the results.

The biggest of the night


Biggest vs smallest (13.5 inches)


Another big eye around 7 lbs


Shore big eye on jig/grub


A semi weird looking 19.5 inches eye


Yet another 6-7 lbs


All the mama/papa walleyes were released



Overall we caught 7 eyes from 13.5 inches to 28+ inches

Never give up, just keep casting~!

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Hmm....how do I ask this the right way....? Would these be public access spots that I could probably figure out on google maps? And, uh...again if you don't mind...what kind of water are you hitting from shore....depth? weed cover?

Nice post by the way...thanks for sharing!!! :D

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Awesome shore fishing bud !!!!...well it looks like you were right on the spot for those shoreline cruising eyes...and kudos to you for releasing all those big healthy spawners !!!...cheers :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:

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