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How could you

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There is always a choice. Wether or not you decide to make the right one or not is up to the animals owner. Let a friend or neighbor or someone take care of them until they get back on their feet. I have a dog that was a shelter dog and will probally get another. 3 dogs right now and love them like family. One guy beat this poor beagle an killed his mother in a field. Took this dog 2 years to get to trust me. They go fishing, hunting, cottage, long drives to Newfoundland each year, etc . I just have to say boat or truck and they are at the door in seconds. I vaccum the hair each weekend out of my truck. They shed, big deal. We will be having a baby in Feburary and will raise my children with them. Sorry but this world has become a throw away society. Same as children. Raise them properly and they will be ok. Dogs are a reflection of their owners.


My 2 cents

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That was hard to read.


My Golden Retriever got out Tuesday morning without his collar (first time in 8 years). We spent hours driving around town looking for him. At 8:30 pm, we got a call from the SPCA. Someone had found him. He was safe. Those hours were long and hard for me. It was like loosing my best friend. I dread the day when he is old and gray, and the right (humane) discission is to lay him down. I can't imagine "discarding" him before it is absolutely necessary. Having a dog is a life long comitment (his, not yours).

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