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October 11-15

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Headed up with the wife and kids to go do the inevitable....pretty much close up at the trailer..sad time of year indeed,although I can use the trailer all winter just have no running water, and hydro is plug and play so I can't keep stuff stored up there,this time of year pretty much solidifies that summer is over :(:lol:


The weather was just great and the fall scenery was beautiful as well.


Here is a couple shots from the tinner after coming in from a bit of fishing












They call it "fall" because this is the time of year when everything is falling everywhere(hence the post earlier on suggestions for getting rid of sap spots in and on the bigger boat)





A nice fall sunset from the backyard






It was pretty quiet around camp as everyone slowly got finished with thier weekend, and closing up chores,and saying thier good-byes for the season..some of us made plans for some winter trips to get a gang together icedrinkingfishing trips this coming hardwater season. Noone really around so I decided not even to put the bigger boat in for the trip and just use the tinner for some goofing around.


Turns out didn't even really have to leave the back yard, fishing was pretty fast and furious just off the dock


I got into a bunch of these hungry buggers







even a bunch of thier cousins too, pretty fun on the ultralight




lucky for these guys I already had a bunch in the freezer from last trip up with the boyz, but I caught enough good sized ones I could have filled a bag





Of course because dad was making out so good, my little Emily had to get in on the action..take over my ultralight and my good spot and show me how it's done



She was right in on the hot perch action too






A few minutes later she hooks into this one and gets all excited telling me she has a big one on and I better get the net.It gave her quite the scrap on my ultralight set up, she had a blast






Even the bugs must be fattening up for the season, this water beetle was pretty big





Had to give the "camping guitar" one last work out by the fire before it came home for the winter too, it was more than happy to share a beer,a smoke, some campfire and a few good tunes




This is the saddest part of the trip, the time you know you have to get a few things put away for the season and pack up the rest and go home.....dock is out, my 2 little boats out and all waiting in the land of misfit toys until next season.





Thus concludes a great summer of 2008 season at the JWL camp, it was a great season and lots of good memories spent with the kids, and friends and family alike along the way. It's a great way to get to know your kids, and learn more about them as well, if you take the time out to get them away from the everyday hub-bub and distactions around home, have fun together, spend time in the boat and fishing, or just simple little late night camp fire chats along the way....I can't wait until the 2009 season begins....next trailer report will be a hard water mission..but that's going to be a while yet, so in the mean time, the Viper is back at home and going to be ready to hit the high flying steel on the big river over the next while :Gonefishing:

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Yup - know that feeling all to well - on my way up to the trailer now, to winterize mine. Thanks for the report




PS - BRING ON THE SNOW AND ICE!!!!! ( snowmobiling and ice fishing )




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Well i don't know what all the fuss is aboot you can weld some skis to the boat and get a blower working and you nave a 4 season fishin machine.

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Great report and pics jwl :thumbsup_anim:


What a great way to end a season with some nice looking bronze back :thumbsup_anim:

I've only been around OFC since July and truly enjoy your posts..... Thank you for that :clapping:

and can't wait for the hard water ones :D



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Nice report. Fall's a nice time of the year but I'm sure closing up is a bit sad. Not to worry - spring's only a few months down the road and will be here before you know it.


BTW - where is JWL camp ?

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