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Hedge trimming...NF

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The neighbour behind us planted a cedar hedge years ago and always kept it nice. Well he passed away 2 years ago and no one has maintained it since. The widow is an elderly woman and I waited to see if family or whoever would take over the upkeep. Since no one has I finally decided to step up and take it on myself. Got a pair of manual hedge trimmers yesterday and tackled it. Only took about and hour and it actually looks great if I do say so myself.


Since doing this however I have had a few thinks to think about.


Firstly what is the proper time of year to trim a cedar hedge? I started to think I may have caused problems by doing it in the fall. Winter kill perhaps? I didn't butcher it up,trimming off mostly new green leaves, not many actual brown branches. But I just don't know when or if there even is a proper time.


Secondly who is actually responsible for the upkeep of a hedge? If a neighbour planted a hedge and you didn't want it in the first place or where unable to do any upkeep ,are you still responsible for your side or the top or whatever?


I like having the hedge there and I actually really enjoyed hacking away out there yesterday on a beautiful crisp fall day. I much preferred it to painting a fence.


If anyone has any hedge expertise and can answer either of the points I brought up to ponder, it would be appreciated

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I do many per year and know that the best time to shear cedars is after a rain when they are wet. Anytime within a few weeks before a killing frost in fall is fine as long as they are not butchered and left with little green. The guideline is to never prune more than 20% at one time or per calendar year for the health of the plant and the same goes for trees. Upkeep depends on the property line and they do not have to maintain the hedge on your side unless there is a bylaw concerning height restrictions or the plant is a potential hazard.

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Spring and fall are the best times to trime edges, chrubs, trees etc... My neighbor has a huge cedar edge, like 10'-12' high and always trimes it late fall.


As for me, I do all my trimmings in October, just before hunting season. Your timming was perfect and did not hurt it at all.


As for your second question, I would check the City bylaws on that one. :dunno:


Hope this helps!


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