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Stocker Pond Brookies w/ The kids and Grandpa

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Myself, my wife, daughter, niece, brother and sister-in-law decided we'd borrow a van and pack ourselves into it for the long trek north this weekend. I know it isn't all that far, usually about 6 hours from my place but with 2 pregnant women and 2, two year old girls it was quite interesting. I guess with all the warm weather we were having alot of people decided to hit the cottage one last time because it took us 2 hours to get from TO to Barrie.....buuuumer....


Long story short after about 8.5 hours in the van, many many pee breaks and a few snacks we arrived at my parents place.




Saturday morning the girls awoke to something neither of them have really experienced before - more leaves than they could ever imagine! haha They loved it.








I tried to get creative with a few photos.....








They pretty much played in the backyard all day while the "adults" caught up, had a few drinks and enjoyed an unseasonably warm thanksgiving Saturday for Sudbury.


The next morning after breakfast Grandpa promised he'd take the girls out for some stocker brook trout action. My pops is part of a fishing and hunting club located in Hanmer, ON and each year they raise and stock walleye. One of their side projects is a small gravel pit pond they stock with Brookies. It's put and take, mostly used for events for people with special needs (wheel chair accessible) and other events to get kids involved in fishing.


Grandpa opening the gate t our own private fishing trip.




First up was a tour of the "Clubhouse"




These little tanks are the incubation tanks for the fertilized walleye eggs. Once they hatch, the baby fish swim up over the edge and fall into a bigger holding tank.






Once the fish reach a certain size they're moved to the outdoor pond to grow some more before getting transplanted to their respective lakes. This had already happened and the pond water level was low.




And onto the fishing part of the report. My dad wasn't sure if the brookie pond would still have some stragglers kicking around from the summer, but first cast I hooked into a pretty looking fish, my PB brook trout! haha




It was one after another from there on it....as soon as your bait hit the water it'd get smashed. We all had a blast, and it certainly managed to satisfy my craving to fish for another week.






Averie and Grandpa comparing their catches...




My daughter has learnt some bad habits from watching me edit Facts of fishing THE SHOW.




And finally the group shot. We kept a few fish for the evenings bonfire and managed to create some memories that won't soon be forgotten. Even if it was a quick family stocker pond outing.



Hope you enjoyed - and happy thanksgiving...even though I'm a little late. I can't wait to get out in the boat again!




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Nice set up he has their for the walleye fry. I always like to see what they do in these small operations. Brookies are always beautiful fish. My ex-g/f's uncle had a trout a pound and raised and sold the fingerlings. We went their a couple times and i had a great time with the fly rod. Those stocked ponds are a great way to break kids into fishing with their wandering minds. I bet those brookies were tasty as well.


Looks like a great family weekend if you ask me. Congrats.



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Very fasinating! I never knew how Walleye are stocked until now. :thumbsup_anim:

Looks like an excellent Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanks for reporting.

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Very Cool Ryan,


A brief tour as a segway into a show dedicated to trout fishing would be interesting.


Looks like you're having a great life these days!



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Great report and pics Ryan :thumbsup_anim:


Cool place that clubhouse B) Thanks for showing us :thumbsup_anim:

Looks like a real fun weekend.... the kids smile says it all :)


Thanks for sharing


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Absolutely brilliant report! Loving the pics too.


Your daughter's a natural at holding fish :thumbsup_anim:



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