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Wildwood: Water level at back end.

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This post was prompted by a PM on another board & a couple of people showing up at the back end of Wildwood on Monday looking to launch a canoe. The area of Wildwood designated for no gas motors has very low water levels. Hoping this post will stop some from a wasted trip.

Line 31 looking east. (Furthest from dam)


Line 31 looking west.


Line 29 looking east. (Closest to dam)


Off the main creek channel here you will be lucky to find 2' of water. Water levels will only drop further.


Best Wishes: Rick

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This may be a stupid question, but, do you suppose all the fish are just packed into wherever there's a bit of deep water? If you could get to wherever that might be, could you potentially be in for a fun afternoon?

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I used to go for a walkabout this time of year at Wildwood. Good for searching stump locations and where the old river channel runs. Maybe even pick up a few lures snagged on down timber and stumps. All the fish are up by the dam now and can be had from shore or boat. Just remember C&R so that there are some left for next year.

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