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One last cast for the year = a new pb muskie

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Sunday was our last day on the water for 2008. Our marina closes down the end of Thanksgiving weekend, and it takes a day and a half to prepare the boat for storage. In order to get the scunge off the hull in time to hit the turkey dinner on Sunday, we figured we had to start pulling the boat out around 1:30pm. A short day on the water's better than nothing, so after braving insane gridlock at Timmie's for morning double double, we hit the water.


Jeff started the day off by challenging me for the title of Baitfish Catcher Extraordinaire:



Rather than compete with him, I switched to targeting zebra mussels. You have to be really crafty with these critters...they bring lockjaw to a new level. ;)



Eventually, we decided that cruising around enjoying the scenery would be more exciting, so we set down the rods and enjoyed the trees.



About 12:30, we found a beautiful patch of clean weeds up in the north end of Buckhorn, and settled in for our last bit of lure washing. The water was absolutely clear, and it was a rare treat to watch little 4" perch wandering around 8' down. With the bright sun, they lit right up...very pretty. Really wish I could figure out how to tell my camera to focus under the surface.


This last spot was beautiful, and the little perch were cute, but the weeds were the only things biting the first few lures I threw out. Going onto 1pm, it was time for one last lure before heading for the marina. Time for my favourite catchall...a #3 Vibrax Foxtail in silver shiner with a small Gamakatsu G-Stinger. It'd taken quite a beating this year, most of the paint and tail missing, but I figured it was good for one last hurrah before I broke out a fresh one for 2009. If nothing else, I can usually count on this rig to chase the skunk away with a bluegill or pumpkinseed.




Expecting one of the little guys, I was some shocked when the rod lurched and the drag started screaming. After the little 30 inch muskie a few weeks ago, I recognized the way the fish hit this time. On one hand, it's really neat to know what's going on....but on the other, it's more pressure when you actually know it's not just another bass. Fun, either way - bring on the adrenaline! :D


I gotta say, it's a MASSIVE treat to catch a muskie in clear water. The fight itself is great, the pictures are great, but actually getting a clear view of the fish as you work to bring it in....*that* is flipping spectacular. Wow.


Lots of head shakes and a few good runs later, 38 inches of extremely bad mood appeared boatside. Clearly, we had interrupted its zen, and it was in an expressive mood. It managed to give Jeff a good scratch (ooo - fish story for the boys!), demolish our folding net (ooo - upgrade + shopping trip!), and break one of the hooks off my Vibrax (definitely going in the fave old tackle display case now).



After a few quick pics with a yardstick and our team tourney sign, this one's going to wind up on the wall.



Back in the water, the fish revived quickly and sprinted off strong. That was it - we put the tackle away. One last cruise under the causeway and back, and then time to hit the marina and get the boat on the trailer.


Really glad this fish came when it did...usually the last day is a sad time, but we were still grinning hours later as the pressure washer splashed algae at us. :thumbsup_anim:

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Great last report of 2008 guys. Ad, why do you always tuck your hair up under your hat like that?


Thanks muchly for sharing.

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Great report and love that tag line.'Providing humour since ....' LOL


now I knwo what I've been doing wrong,gotta stop throwing those big monster 10" + lures and try finesse fishing those skis




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My goodness! With all the words in that report, I had to recheck and make sure I wasn't reading a JohnF report! :w00t:


Excellent report and pics Ad.!!! :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing: ... even if you are too girlie to hold the fish for us! :whistling:


Congrats on the new PB!!! :clapping:


I don't understand about the last fishing trip now that y'all have the new tow vehicle, there should be other ramps open and fishing venues 'til shore ice eh?... It would kill me to have to stop fishin' now and not start back until April or so!!! :stretcher::wallbash:

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