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    • Wild mushrooms!

      Great year for summer mushrooms.  Got another nice batch of chantarelles tonight and a nice chicken of the woods.  Tasty treats.    

      in General Discussion

    • A morning of BIG wild brookies in the middle of nowhere

      One of the more memorable mornings of fishing I've ever had.  Enforced my love for these fish, and the places they live.  I was out the door before 4:00 to get back to these fish early, everything caught before 7:30.  As soon as I felt the warmth of the sun on my back, things had shut down.   This was my last trip pre-heatwave.  The lakes will be too warm to safely catch these fish without killing every single one.  Praying for cool and rain.

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    • Picking Fiddleheads and harvesting wild trout - catch and cook

      I love this gem in the bush where the hike and effort deter most, leaving it an oasis when life’s stresses weighs you down.   At one point I had seen a coyote chase something down about 30 yards from me.  Full on teeth exposed and full tilt.    

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    • Chasing A Wild Life.

      Caribou & Arctic char. Crappies, trout & longnose gar. A bear, some deer, seas, lakes and land. Walrus bone, soapstone, carved into a merman. It's spring, it's here, and the eagles take flight. Walk the walk with me... Chasing A Wild Life. Been out there running around... ALOT! Some spring fishing and quite a bit more in this little write up... Read on if you like here... http://bunksoutdoorangle.com/chasing-a-wild-life/ Bunk.

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    • Canadian Wild Card Team

      Just thinking how hard it'll be to stay interested in the playoffs with no Canadian team involved. I hear a lot of bars crying for business. I guess the Jays will help out in that department.   Should the NHL look at having a Wild Card position for the Canadian team that finishes highest? It seems a shame to dump over half the hockey market at playoff time. How hard would that be to implement?

      in General Discussion

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