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Simcoe Perch Oct. 11 and Blue Zone Oct. 12 AM

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One more trip to the deep yesterday.

With the nice weather this time of the year – simply couldn’t stay home.

Haven’t been to Simcoe forever it seems. Perch was there in numbers but not the size I was hoping for.

Took the wife and both my sons. It was the first boat trip for the younger one - 9 months old. He loved it. Had great day at Sibbald PP and the older one had fun catching lots of doubles. My role was mostly baiting and releasing fish. Oh well....seems this is the route ahead ha ha ha. After a great season chasing the big guys in the big water playing with few perch was refreshing...

Speaking of the big water...this is where we went the next day...with CatNip II straight to the Blue Zone first thing in the morning. 2 riggers, two lead core lines and two dipsy lines. Some waves in the morning...slow bite to start...then we found them as we got deep (360-370 fow). Good action and some missed ones as well. Got a major line tangle that we had to cut both my lead core lines and continue fishing only with the riggers and dipsys.

The magic dept was 65’ down. Green/black NK28 was the best with black/purple, black/white doing well also. Right when we were to head back some strange fog looking air start forming to the west of us.

Clear and sunny to the west but the city line has totally disappeared...the closer we got to Port Credit launch the ticker this thing became...it was so bad we were about 100’ from the big rusty ship when we saw it. Waves were bigger on the return trip but we were lucky they were coming kind of sideways to our desired direction.

All in all one more great trip to the deep with nice company on board - CatNip II and my son had fun learning different rope knots.

Not ready to winterize the boat yet...depending on weather may try it again.

Here are few shots from the day.










Ice Fisherman

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Great report and pics icefisherman :thumbsup_anim:


Bet ya the kids will remember that day for a long time B)


Thanks for sharing


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Nice fish. That bow is large.

What do you do with the fish?



Gave the largest fish to a co-worker and kept just couple of the small ones for the BBQ.

He's been bugging me for some fresh fish for a long time and got his wish fullfilled for Thanksgiving :clapping:



Ice Fisherman

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