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Fall in the Northwest

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I went for a short drive this afternoon to try to capture the fall colors. Usually the leaves are long gone up here by this time, but the lack of a few frosty nights means that the leaves still on the trees and in full color. It was a rather dull and gloomy day here, but you take what the day offers when you leave home with the camera. At least it was warm.


I came across and old boat grave yard of sorts. Three fishing boats that have seen better days were scattered about on the shore of Lake Superior.






It was a good day for macros. There were lots of colorful plants and no wind to toss them around.








I stumbled upon a very scenic small lake that was pretty much surrounded by cliffs. I'll have to go back there when the sun is out.






A tighter crop of the last shot.




Last one for now..



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Amazing pics Danc, like Fishindevil said...."postacard perfect". Is that the river that runs along the highway 17? Always wanted to fish it, but usually on the way to medical appointments ...lol. You icefishin' this year....wanna meet half way perhaps sometime? I'm in Dryden.

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Some of you guys should start an outfitters business for photographers. You know instead of taking them hunting or fishing, you bring them to places like that to take photos. Huge money in bird watching. Why not natural captures?

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