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Goderich Regoin/Maitland/Nine Mile specifically

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I went out to the Goderich area today, mainly to see if the run had started. To my dismay it hasn't, both the Nine Mile and Maitland are just short of barren. We saw a few salmon at either of the falls, with a school of about 10-15 at the second - but they were too spooked to bite. Especially when a couple of guys with fly fishing gear walked right over them (causing them to completely abandon the second falls all together). no action under the highway bridge at all. Saw two rainbows taken at Port Albert, but that was it for Nine Mile action. Wondering if anyone in the area knows of any other good spots/has local access to these two rivers in particular (its about a 120km drive for me to get out there (from Sarnia)) and if someone has that kind of access, wouldnt mind posting in this thread when the run starts. I hope im not making a repeat thread, forgive me if I am - I'm new here so I'll make mistakes, I'm sure. I've missed the run inthe Goderich area the last 2 years, both years seemed that the water was too low and the temperature was too high (one of them I remember wadding around in shorts and sandles around the sept/october mark - whereas about 5-6 years ago the runs were in full flight by the last week of september). So yea, if anyone has word on any other tribs in the area or a little farther (hows the action in Auburn or Own Sound), feel free to let the rest of us know, so to speak. or if anyone wouldnt mind giving some sort of updates throughout this next week on action in the Nine Mile/Maitland area - that would be great. Sorry for rambling!

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