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kashagawigamog this weekend

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will be there this weekend again, last year was real warm caugt 1 nice largemounth

and few small ones on rapala floater over weeds- expect total fishing time to be

2-3 hours with elctric motor -

so any thoughts - from anyone - I saw posted somewhere the lakes had turned!!

should I fish slow and deep? Surface??? Gulp minnows on the bottom? think I can get

a musky on a spinner bair??


appreciate any insights and promise to report back on anything over 12" long

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I am pretty sure it has turned. Check the temp. If it is around 60, the smallies should be quite active, especially with the forecasted weather. Wait until the sun is up and go to spots where the sun will be warming the water. Shallow or deep? I imagine they will be keying on about 10-15' of water, close to dropoffs into deeper water. Watch for baitfish action. The gulls are around now and will sometimes help with this, if you don't have electronics to find it yourself. I have been having luck with suspending jerkbaits this time of year.


Stop by if you get a chance...I could steer you towards some spots. Haliburton County Studio Tour I am letter K on the map, only about 5 minutes from the south side of Kash.

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