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Temagami in July 2008

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We started out July with our two daughters and the younger one's (in the bow) boyfriend coming up for the long weekend. It's great that while many children this age go anywhere BUT where their parents are ...that we have at least two (of three) that don't mind spending time with their parents.




Jennifer couldn't wait to get into her Ryerson rowing outfit and hit the water in Leah's kayak. She's been healthy as a horse since her Crohn's operation last winter, when they removed 2 feet of her upper intestine.




Day two we were into rain and Kristal finally got around to assembling the chair she gave me an IOU for two birthdays ago. She designed it... cut it all out and put it together. Left me to do the staining of course...but turned out to be a REALLY comfortable chair!






Chair done we hit the water for Lakers and had a great view... just no fish !




Kristal and her BF went off in the canoe to fish the back "bog" behind the next island up the lake from us. Her bf got a nice smallie and wanted to eat the thing. I told him... "you catch it... you clean it". He got a few cuts in and then managed to cut his thumb. I still think he did it on purpose so someone would finish the job for him!! :rolleyes:




Kristal took over and she would make any father proud. I didn't even coach her and she did a fine job. I guess she's actually been paying attention all these years when I'd cook up a bass for midnight treat when we were camping.






Get the idea Leah has a thing against PWC's ?? ! :dunno:




"Kids" even sitting around and socializing...or was it my beer... I don't know!




Some tubing and some swimming to round out the weekend...






...and then the 4 of us headed home on Tuesday to see how my turkeys were doing. Just fine it appears.




I flew back to Temagami the Friday after Canada Day and had left at 6:30 am. Every lake I went past was totally fogged in and I got worried I'd be screwed when I got to Temagami but luckily the lakes cleared up about the time I was over Sandy Island on Lake Nippising.




Our railing components had finally came in so Leah and I rushed down to North Bay before they closed to pick it up. That night I got the posts up and here's Leah imagining that her glass wind wall is finished!




Next day by noon I had most of it installed and came to the realization that we had been shorted a couple bottom stair railing posts to finish the job. Put us into another 2 week wait for those to come from Surrey BC. :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:




More crap weather... but a beautiful double rainbow.




One of a few baby rabbits we had on the island this year.




Leah and I got out for what seemed to be a rare fish this summer and pulled up a wee baby laker. While on one hand they are a tad disappointing it's great to see that the lake is doing so well on natural reproduction. Lake Temagami hasn't been stocked for many years and we seem to be seeing lots and lots of small lakers less than 16 inches long. These little guys prove that tackle is never too big. We've caught a couple that were shorter than the big Len Thompson spoon they tried to eat in 95 to 100 FOW




Missing railing parts finally arrived and I made them ship them up to Dad's Outfitters so I could just go to town and pick them up. A few hours of cutting and installing and our railing system was complete. It makes such a clean finish to the deck and easy to install (with some forethought before cutting) that I don't think I'd ever do a wood railing again. We also tried out the plastic lattice board, to close the deck in, and found it worked great!




Is it just me... or does this guys head look like Mickey Mouse?




So we're sitting in the hot tub one night at about 8PM and I say to Leah... " Is that a cougar or a lynx behind me". She laughs and I drop my shoulder!! :o Now it's not so funny... but I said to Leah "I wish I had my camera". While the cat sits there staring at us, from about 12 feet, I slip out the back side of the tub... go into the cottage.. get the camera and come back and just when I take a shot it turns. Then it sat down again along the bush.. about 15 feet from the tub. We now know why we don't have the dozens of squirrels/chipmunks on the island anymore!! We saw the cat again a few days before we came home in September. Walked within 20 feet of us and then swam across to the next island in front of us.










Late in July my 83 year old mother and my step-father came up to visit for 4 days. One day I took them for a lake tour and we had lunch on a shelf at the bottom of one of the mountains in Ferguson Bay. Seemed like a great spot... till all the snakes started moving around! LOL :w00t:




Aug and Sept to go!

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Just started a father/son fishing weekend every Father's Day, very cool when you have the kids with you. Nice cat too, I was in Florida and I had a big lynx come up about 20 yards from me, one big gorgeous cat. I wish i had a camera. interesting that this cat was on your island, they normally dont like to swim, so i guess it'll stay until ice up, then move off

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Was my first thought too Viper... but as I said.. we watched it swim the 40 feet to the next island in September. Guess it's hunting both islands. I figure it's living in the thick bush on top of the hill on our island or possibly a cave in the back cliff area on the island.

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what......your mother didn't go tubing.......LOL


another great report




nice cat on the island

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Nice place you have there wayne !!!the deck looks great,good choice...those cats sure are nice to see, :w00t: i have only seen one once,along the shores of the ottawa,and he was in full run,when i came around the corner of a point,nice pics too,glad to see you had the girls up there too,waiting for aug & sept !!!...cheers :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:

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I've been reading them all but your daughters made me put the brakes on here. lol.


Bet ya had to lock 'em up when they were teens.


Bring on August.

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Never seen a member post a lynx they photographed here before. That is cool!


Nice place there and good you had most of the family enjoying time up there.


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They just keep getting better and better Wayne.


Those Lynx pics are fantastic. You'll have her trained by next year :thumbsup_anim:


I'm so glad to see Jennifer out and enjoying herself. She looks great :clapping:


Looking forward to August.



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Great report from the north Wayne. Love the lynx pics...

Here kitty kitty kitty..... :canadian:




Doncha just wanna pet it?! Bubbles would be a happy boy if he saw those lynx pics. They're so cool!


Great report Wayne. I like your reports, as they always point to a larger picture than just the outdoors..


You trully are blessed bud.




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Okay...because of the Lynx, August and July are tied in my books...great shots of that cat! As per Moosebunk...bring on September!

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