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Temagami in June 2008

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Early in June we had Leslie Cameron (Lakair Lodge co-owner) out to the island for a visit. She'd stopped in Temagami on her way back from Timmins and wanted to clear up our accom issues and convinced us to attend the OFC gathering later in the month. It was a fluke meeting... Leslie stopped for Breakfast at the gas station and called us on the phone, but we weren't home. We had gone to town for some trim and as we went to get back in our boat Leslie called out my name. She spent a few hours with us and left just before the hail storm hit.






Leah couldn't wait to get that patchwork deck torn up and went to town with the crow bar. She shouldn't be doing any of this stuff, but hey I can't stop her short of ratchet strapping her to a chair. (now there's a thought for next year)




Me... I'm just considering a good psychiatrist!






Thanks god we were able to borrow a neighbours "barge" for $50... or it would have been many loads in the boat. Approx 200 boards that took us 8 hours to carry up the hill from the dock.






Framing coming along and my workaholic finding out why the old owners had a flower garden in the deck! BEDROCK.






Took me a day and a half with the sledge and a 5 lb sledge and a chisel to get this puppy low enough so the deck boards would go over it.






Good part of the decking down. 3 screws per joint that totalled 3900 dang screws when all done.




By now our flooring had finally came in... so took a break from the deck on a rainy day and got it all down. The look of ceramic in laminate. Took me about 2.5 hours to do the whole kitchen.










We then went and visited our piece of property up the lake and cleaned up after those "enviromental" canoers....before heading off to Lakair.




Leah in West Bay Lake Nippissing




Some of the OFC gang at Lakair Lodge.




Most that attended the OFC get together.




Leah with the biggest catch of the week.




Spiel with his monster and next Muskiestudds big entry for the tourney. (was longer than what I caught = 0)






The prize table for the tourney. Can't beat free stuff!!




TJ giving Pointed a lap dance and sharing his ice cream cone! PRICELESS!




A pike for Leah and I each in the pouring rain.






Hitchhiker dropped by the boat.




Joey and Tybo over for an evening of laughs and beverage.






Back to the lake and finished the back walkway.




Deck and steps all done. Just waiting for our aluminum railing to come in that we ordered in North Bay on our way back from Lakair. Also while ordering it... we found Lakairs cook from last year running a store next door to the railing place. Weird to say the least... considering we also met an OFC'r in Home Depot minutes earlier. Duckdog was working the railing section of HD and he's the fella I'd sent rivets to to fix his boat in Owen Sound last winter. Weird for sure.




July/Aug/Sept to go....

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Very nice work you did on the deck and a good job well done on the floor .Now I know why you married the woman she works as hard as you do.


I can imagine how tough it must of been chipping away at that old cement but I am sure you were both just dripping in sweat.


I noticed the can of raid and I know the bugs were bad this year because I did camp at Rideau River Provincial Park this summer with

many other campers and the zillions of mosquitoes.In all my years camping I have never seen mosquitos like that.

Oh I love the shot of the garbage can secured with the ratchet strap :thumbsup_anim:


Thanks for the sho9t of the prize table I don't think anyone else took a pic of that.


Oh and one more thing I hope you had a more relaxing summer compared to last years search and rescue.


thanks for the report Wayne :Gonefishing:

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Black flies were the worst Mike. Digging in the dirt for post holes etc and cleaning up years of mess under the deck sure stirred them up. Ratchet strap on the gcan... you'll see why in July's thread when I get it up tomorrow.

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Well done on the deck and the rest of the work at your summer home.


Since your so good at dropping trees I have three here that you could practice on :whistling::D

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Wayne, good to see your still workin on holidays!


Seems I got about 4 or 5 months of catching up to do.

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Well so far you have had a very busy summer Wayne. Why must you make Leah do all the work :lol:


Thanks for posting that oh so lovely pic of me :blink: Gotta love the been camping for a week look :rolleyes:


It was nice to chat with you two for those few nights. Looking foward to it again next year :thumbsup_anim:


Can't wait for the rest of the months :thumbsup_anim:



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