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Fall in Northwestern Ontario

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Well I am finally going to attempt to post something with pictures of fish. :thumbsup_anim:

Bin a member for a while now but I am basically lazy and do not bring a camera with me when I go out in the boat. A buddy of mine came out (Fort Frances) for ten days and we spent the time at a camp another buddy of mine operates. We usually head down to Shining Tree this time of year for birds and late fall walleye but I convinced him the birds were thicker up here and the fish were definately bigger...so he made his way. Anyways he brought his camera so we got a few shots....I will basically let the camera tell the story...oh and sorry for some of the shots not being perfect...but if you look close at the first pic i am sure you will figure out why :whistling:


Here goes....


The departure from the landing:




Our destination for the week..a ravaging heinous journey across pike infested waters..about 150 yards: :whistling:littelcanoe004.jpg


The $1000 cooler...comes complete with a blueberry pie. If you were stuck in the bush what would you pay?



First night supper...butterflyed moose tenderloin, perfectly seasoned.



The truck Bernie fixed and Cliffs first chicken of the week (thanks again Bernie!)



Saturday morning...good way to start the week



The reason the Canadian Bass Championship is held on Rainy Lake



Cliff with someone elses walleye



First decent walleye of the trip



The elusive big- :asshat: ugly bass



Cliff with his own walleye



The non-typical camping shot



Out of 'pops'....HAMMER DOWN! I know where they are!!!!!!



Awesome place to stay..one of the most beautifull places on Rainy



Find the eagle????

I see eagles almost every day out here, all balds...I am sure this was a golden..very cool bird when its 25 ft over your head.



Couple of big boys from the choppy goodness of a 25km S/E wind




Actually that was the same fish :whistling:


Dinner...the only fish to hit the pan all week. Caught out of a back lake, in a canoe, that leaked, with 1 oar as a paddle in a 20km on shore wind :wallbash:



Another tourney winner



Big random plane flying over the tree tops..this thing had 4 props and was some kind of military cargo unit...pic does not do it justice but that is 150 ft white pine.



And finally the coolest backwoods redneck cookin' unit I have ever seen...you could easily fit a pig in this thing



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very nice.. moose tenderloin, beer for breakfast, just doesn't get any better. ;)

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Your Fly is Down :whistling:B)


Damn, that looks like it was a really good time.


Great report, enjoyed every minute of it.



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LMAO Joey......Your sopost to be looking at the fish.....lol...


Great report allthough i cannot see any eagle....Am i missin somethin? Besides a guys pants not zipped up......lol :rolleyes:

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Great report! I am addicted to fishing up there now.....our air base is in Minaki....may have heard of River Air....thanks for posting makes me wish i was still working...brings back memories!




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A super report Dude! Looks like walleye heaven up there. I must say, that boat is perfectly loaded. Undoubtedly done by experts. The weight distribution and colour arrangement is just a pleasure to behold.


Thanks for posting your adventure.

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