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    • New fishing licences rant(the day the music died)

      If this has already been posted or counts as political please let me know and I'll take it down, I just had to rant somewhere.   I got my new fishing licence today. A printed out piece of paper that isn't even waterproof. Needless to say I'm a little heartbroken (yeah, I'm a softie. It happens). What has happened to our fishing licences since I was a kid? How did this get decided this was the direction we were going?!?!? I remember when I was a kid, my sister and I would always lo

      in General Discussion

    • Woodland Caribou Park Rant

      Ive known Harlan for a long time... when he says he gave it all up to move from the south to live and work in that park, hes being honest.  Hes built a successful business, that personally I envy.  Its hard when your protest has to come to this..  Its a long rant.. but someone somewhere needs to be accountable  

      in General Discussion

    • Oh my,the weather people were wrong AGAIN. LOL

      Ya the weather was to be so TERRIFYING. Woke up at 4am heard the rain on the window. Back to sleep til 5:30. Look outside and said you buggers. Flags were limp. Grab my gear and get to said spot. South winds were called for, so selected a south shore spot. Ya the one that has not produced for me yet this year. Well wouldn't you know it,they were there, and wouldn't you know it, not a single sole out there. LMAO. There was little to no wind,a light rain for about 5 minutes the sun even came out f

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    • Bell expressvu rant! - No more WFN! Sort of NF!

      Sometimes i just can't get over how we are railroaded by these telecommunications giants! We live in an area where our only realistic option for Television and internet is Bell! I have been subscribing to Expressvu for 13 years since moving here and pay almost $128 per month for a bunch of crap that I never watch.....just so that i could get a package that contains WFN (World Fishing Network). This month, they decide to abandon WFN for something they call the "Sportsman" channel. Unfortunat

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    • Rivers , Facebook and migratory fish. RANT

      Little rant .... Im not a huge Facebook user but have “liked” and followed some fishing groups . Ive fished our rivers for over 25yrs ,  and have never seen so many hero Pics with fish that were caught (flossed) in 20” of water, I am actually leaning toward a full fall closure of these tribs . Am I just getting old and crusty LOL , or are you guys noticing the same ?  .     

      in General Discussion

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