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Bought new rod today (Wed)... and today (Thurs)

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Well, after a ton of online reading, reading your guys posts, and walking around tackle stores for hours, I decided to put off the purchase of the baitcaster I had planned to buy. I almost went for the Abu Garcia Record, but after holding (and drooling) over a Shimano Calcutta TE today, I have decided to wait and get it in the spring (unless wifey puts it under the tree for Xmas/my b-day HINT HINT!!!). Man that is one sweet reel, Lew and Clive - you guys were right on...


So, since my bonus money was burning thru my tacklebox, I decided to pick up another Muskie spinning rod, got the Compre Muskie 7' (same one as I already have). It's too bad they only make the one length in the Musky spinning, I would have liked to get a 7'6" for those figure eights, but oh well. Last week I ordered some Rockstar Lures bucktails from Mepps (Clive), and they also arrived today... along with some 80lb flourocarbon leaders! Both the lures and leaders are really sweet looking and well made!! Picked up some assorted other lures, some Power Pro, and a few other goodies, and *poof* bonus done. Going Esox hunting next Wed-Thu-Fri and hope to land a few beasts... report to follow!


Thanks to all who responded to my baitcaster post, your sound advice will come to fruition in the spring...


(This was on Wednesday)


(Now, for Thursday's shinanigans)


And now, thanks to the Kijiji link that Danbo sent me in my baitcaster post, I am out $110, but am the new owner of an Abu Garcia 6500 C3 baitcaster, spooled with 65lb PP, on a Fenwick Musky Class MH 7' rod... set is used but in really good shape. MAN I NEED TO GET OUT AND FISH ALREADY!!! All this new gear is killing me!!!!! LMAO!

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Fisherpete, I know where Dan lives in case is doesn't pay up.

Another life lesson gleaned from the Simpson's....

"I prefer the personal touch you only get with hired goons" - C. Montgomery Burns


Sounds like a good deal on the Abu/Fenwick.



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