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Today (Sept 30) on Simcoe

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Took Workwear up on his offer in 'Hookups' to get together and fish south end of Simcoe.

He was launching from the east side and he picked me up from the end of hwy 89 shortly before 7 am and we headed up to try our luck around fox island .


Big rollers our of the north and rain off and on made for not the most pleasant conditions .Although peter's big Pro vee sure is a nice comfortable boat to fish out of .

we fished hard for a couple of hours with one little perch to show for it .


spent the rest of the morning looking for Pike in Cooks Bay .One small one in the boat, I had a larger one on for a few seconds and a couple of more Perch .We called it a day just before noon .


Thanks again peter , hope you made out of the launch ok .And don't forget those rain pants next time .

Hopefully we can connect on the water again soon.


Sorry no pics as it was way to wet to try .



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good to hear your gettin out TB. hope you guys find some of those big'ol toothy pike in the near future!

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