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Archery History nf

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      Hey all,   I know some people on here are history buffs and I just wanted to pass on a great narrator and historian that everyone should listen to. His name is Dan Carlin.   He is an American historian who takes a look at different things in absolutely every possible angle. His work on the First World War was so informative that I learned things from him that I didn't know about and I spent 4 years at the U of Waterloo studying history lol.   He covers such topics as slavery, WW1 and 2, t

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      An article by Roy MacGregor in the Globe and Mail on the Muskoka River:   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/along-ontarios-idyllic-muskoka-river-locals-fight-dam-development/article25814523/

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    • History of Simcoe

      Since I know so many of you gentlemen are older than me on the forum, I'd like to hear some stories about this lake. Was the water much dirtier before the zebra mussels came? What exactly was the fish population like back in the day? Was there a heavy cisco population that crashed only due to overharvest? Were smallmouth much smaller before the introduction of gobies? Were perch always this popular in the past? Was smelting a popular and easy thing at one point? Did anyone experience the

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      I am a member of a few Ontario based fishing forums. OFC has to have the largest membership by far of those that I'm involved in and spread across Canada and the USA. For any of the administrators and or long time members what is the history of the site? How many members are there here on OFC? When and why was it created, forums just don't miraculously appear out of nowhere, who created it? It always comes up as the #1 site on both Google and Bing search engines.   I've always wondered about

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