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pictures finally!!!!

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well here we go once agian but this time i finally got some pictures!! :thumbsup_anim:


on sunday i decided i have to get down to the rapids soon if i want some pics of the pinks as there run is slowing down and there are dead ones on the shore.


i got to the rapids at around 9 o'clock am and went to my first pool. on my very first drift i hooked into an avrage pink but as i was landing him he got off :wallbash:

next drift fish on agian this time after a very strong fight for a pink i landed him on a purple egg sucking leach.



pic 1

about 4 lbs


then i catch a few other pinks about the same size.

i move down river and start to see lots and lots of kings :thumbsup_anim:

i tryed and tryed but i couldnt get them to hit. i probably tryed every fly in my box but it wasnt ment to be.


i jumped upand over the cement berm to see how the fishing was on the inside of the berm.

there were 5 people fishing a small stretch of river so i moved up to the head of the pool just ahead of some nice sized boulders.

i was watching these people land pink after pink and i couldnt get one. i looked upstream to the next pool and i couldnt belive my eyes :w00t: there had to be 15 kings in this one pool.

so i slowly wade up ahead of the and pick out a big rabbit strip streamer and bounce it on bottom all the way to the fish. as i was watching the pink streamer get closer to the kings i see one hen come over and smack it!! fish on! and remember im only using a 6 weight rod lol :Gonefishing:


after a nice fight pullin me around i got her to the shore and tailed her. she had quite a few lamprey marks on her kinda gross lol.



pic 2

around 10 lbs


after i release her i hook into and lose 3 more kings all around 10 lbs.


i switch up to a black and orange egg suckin leach and pick up a few more pink salmon.



pic 3

a nice hen about 2 lbs



pic 4 another male about 2 lbs


after my fun with the pinks i get back into my casting spot and notice a group of 4 kings commin into the pool with some nice sized fish in it.

so i cast 20 feet ahead of the group and once the leach gets over there heads my indicator stops and goes under!

i set the hook and it took the fish 30 seconds to know it was hooked lol. so it just felt like another fish around 10 lbs and i was goin easy on him with my 8 lbs tippit.

he made a small run up river and then started splashin on the surface. he turned down river and decided he was goin for a long long run :clapping:

he started jumpin agian and i still was guessin ten lbs. he by now i was way into my backing and as i started to chase him down stream he ran back at me almost making me lose him then he went into another pool and the guy that was fishin there was being a ass about it. yelling at me to get out of his pool :rolleyes:

because he wasnt going to move for me. everyone on the bank told him to shut up and said what would you want him to do if you were in my shoes. lol



pic 4

the big one on


im 10 minutes into the fight when he decides to jump agian this time compleatly out of the water. by now ive got quite the group of people watching me and when he came out everyones jaw dropped including mine.

this fish is huge was all i could think. i was trying to stay calm about 5 minutes later he finally starts to slow down. someone trys to net it and he takes off agian.

once i gain that line back my indicator is getting closer and closer and finally i grab onto the leader!! i finally really get to look at him and as i ease him closer to me i tail it and i get a hand under the belly :w00t: all on 8 lbs tippit lol


everyone starts cheering lol i get the hook out of his kype barely hooked and get a quick mesurment.................39" and by everyones guess 23-24 lbs. by far my biggest salmon on the fly! got a few pictures and off he went.



pic 5




pic 6

nice girth on him


well i finally did it. my first real big king out of the st. mary's rapids.


here are some more pictures of the area.



pic 7

part of the rapids



pic 8

the international bridge


well thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it as much as i had fishing..... if thats posible lol :whistling:

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Nice going, Congrats on the big salmon on the Fly. I was going to stop and fish that area a couple weeks back at the beggining of the run but foolish me passed on the opportunity to fish somewhere else and get some Km's behind us. Again good going and some beauty fish!

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Makes for a great storey ,Your Mom Michael and Marley though it was awesome . the pics cetainly don't do it justice I'm sure .


fishing tomorrow , but for some reason won't be nearly as exciting I'm sure


TB(Dad) and

Mom :worthy:

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Great report and nice fish! Like the details you provided.

Good stuff,


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