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Lake St. CLair Musky season

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Hey everyone, a buddy and myself are looking into going on a fishing charter for musky this fall on Lake St.Clair ! .

He called and asked when the earliest date we could get out with a particular crew that he was reffered, and the earliest is Oct.25 ?????


to me that seems to be awfully late in the season.... but i could be wrong ?


So would it be worth it ?...$500 for 4 people ! Oct. 25 ?



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Late Oct is a great time for musky fishin, many don't even start thier musky fishing season hardcore until October through the really crappy cold weather months until close, I know I will be trying a few places in October, I got my 3 biggest ever in 3 different Octobers :Gonefishing:

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if you got the $$$$, go for it. like others have said, october is great. I fish musky in the niagara right up to close in december (when the water isn't chocolate milk that is). I usually do the best in late October early november so you appear to be right on schedule

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You should listen to Rizzo.

He's able to hook the same ski in the same spot, three weeks in a row

and release it without having to put it in a net, in the boat or even use pliers. :whistling:

Now that's talent. ;)


Sorry Rizzo. I'm still thinking about your adventure and couldn't resist taking another jab. :lol:



Definitely a good time of year for ski fishing.

$500/4people. 125$ each doesn't seem too bad.

Should be a good time.

Don't forget to post and get some pics for us too.


Good luck lunker777 !!!

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