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Pics of the notty

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Had some time today, checked out the nottawasaga. as you can see in the pictures, it's pretty muddy. There was someone there fishing it though.

Moved on, took some more pics from a place I fish for steelhead in the spring. Where my car is, there's usually about half a foot of water, no fall fishing here... yet anyways.

Stopped in thornbury, water looked a lot better than the notty but I took a smoke break for about half an hour and heard/saw nothing. although there were two people with waders in the outflow.


Good smoke break it was.


*edit* it was north of 26, south of wasaga beach. If it's looked better somewhere else, pm me or post here.



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Got alot of rain that way last weekend, checkin the hydrometric,..the upper Notty has just resided to near normal, so it should clear up soon,...question is, has it been cold enough for Chrome to start flyin up during the high water,..I hope so,..but probably not quite yet,..IMO

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