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What Is Spam?

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I know alot of people are new to this forum and are new to the whole forum experience. Likely soon we will start seeing spam. Generally the members are very good at spotting spam and usually let the spammer know it isn't appreciated.

What is spam?

Spam is any unsolicited advertisement for a business, product or service.

This includes posts, PM's and emails. Posting, emails or PMing someone to come try their new lure, web site, bait etc is spam. Spamming will not be tolerated.

Why can't I spam?

There are two reasons. First...it is annoying. Second...this is going to be an expensive server judging by the bandwidth we've already used. But in order to have the site moving fast, we need to be on a server that doesn't have many other sites on it. Cheap hosts cram 100 sites onto one server. Expensive ones have 2 to 5. But the expensive ones rarely slow down, almost never break down and always have someone at the other end of the phone when you call.

We sell ads that you see at the top of the page. These ads pay for the server. Advertisers also provide contest prizes and promotions. We ask that you please support our advertisers. Without them this place couldn't happen.

What isn't spam?

If someone comes on and posts looking for a service like lawn cutting or whatever, and you do that, you are welcome to say "Hey I do that!".

Getting your friend to come online and ask the same question...well that's spam again.

Can advertisers spam?

Nope. While they may make arrangements for promotions, etc. rest assured any offering they make has been cleared by us first.

What do I do if I see spam?

You can PM a staff member or just sit and watch the firewwworks till we delete it...up to you, but we'd appreciate you hitting the 'report' button. If you get spam by PM, forward it to any admin and we will take care of it.

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Nice intro, Rick.


I hate getting spam.


For online novices, if you want to avoid spam on your email address, don't include it in posts (publicly available, can be searched).


if you want somebody to have your email, PM them, or make a change that a human would be able to figure out, e.g.,


[email protected]



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Generally Computer Spam is junk email that you do not want

Sort of like telephone solicitors calling

Be very carefull of what you sign up for

If you can have a separate email account for your friends and OFC Fishing Resource and a separate email box for use for sign ups etc

You can always get a free yahoo , hotmail or gmail account for this purpose :Gonefishing:

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