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Bay ofQuinte ice report

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I have had a lot of calls today about ice conditions. We have only a small crust covering the bay as of today .NO-WHERE is it safe to any extent. I have guides and local fisherman that know there ice and they are informing me on a daily basis. When they know for sure that they can get out safely they will let me know immediately.

Just for the sake of money (and believe me with the way this winter has gone I need the business) I will not take the chance to inform any-one under any circumstances that it is safe until I know for sure. The first place to make safe ice on the bay is near my store and I check it every morning myself on the way to open up.

We are all excited and want to get out but let’s make sure and have a safe short season. I will do an ice report daily. So hang in there we will be fishing soon.


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Thanks Ron.........

I've read something else not similar to your report, but I'll go with yours.

I saw first hand this morning in town and it looked wide open.

Havent gotten to your place yet...but we're planning on it.........just moved to Frankford this past December.

It's deffinitely exellent to get an informed opinion who's right where the action is and knows the area such as yourself.

Ron, shoot me a PM and lets arrange a GTG sometime soon.


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One colder night and everyone is in a hurry to drown.

I'm itching to go ice fishing too, but not if it's going to be my last time.

Just pray for a few consecutive nights of cold cold weather.


Thanks for the update Skevys01.

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