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Warning: Gentlemen, don't be duped!! (Absolutely NF)

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With Valentines Day approaching, your cunning spouse may try to coax you into a date... :wub:


"Hey honey, we should go out tonight. There's a new movie out called Catch and Release" :devil:


Don't be duped. I'm not saying don't go, just be prepared, it's a chick flick. :sleeping_02:



Just looking out for you guys... :thumbsup_anim:


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Thanks Brian ... I almost never go to movies ... but when I do you can be sure it will be a chick flick ... its called banking points in this give-and-take world which we live .... personally I wouldnt waste a trip to the theatre on a movie I want to watch .... and so if I am going for her, it might as well be something SHE wants .. and apparantly - according to the ladies - it counts for double points if you go see something couldnt possibly be expected to like :) ...the secret .. I understand, is to pretend you almost enjoyed it :)


Heh .. and Valentines day conflicts with Lake Trout opening day on Lake Joseph (every year) ... so I am safe (not) ...

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