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Jan, 13 Boat Fishing Report - Lake Simcoe

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Well, having no ice anywhere around, Big Chevy and me have not had any other choice but to go....boat fishing in January :D:o ::):P


I've promissed the Big guy this trip since last summer and what better timing then today.

Started bright and early launching from Lake Simcoe marina.

If someone tells you the weather man knows what he is talking about don't believe it.

AGAIN....he was not even close...he called for temperature of -9 and winds of 10-15 km/h.

Reality was -3 and over 20 km/h huge waves and white caps with bad NE wind.


Took us a while to find the whities. In the meantime we did get to fight the waves big time...over...under...in...got all wet...I got water all the way down in to my pants dripping from the top of my Nautilus...my hat became one piece with my glasses...and Chuck's hair and beard were ready for a movie shot ;-))


Checked deep and shallow...and deep again...nothing until 9am or so...

Then we went back to the starting block...and FOUND them ;-)

For the next hour and 1/2 Non-stop action....hooked 8...got in the boat 4 of them and had number of hits.

Williams half/half hummered was the best today but got some on jigs and Neils Master.

Chevy was trying to break the record for most hooked and lost fish and got pretty closed to it ha ha....We both got out limits easily and so did 6 other boats nearby.

Then after 11am fish disapeared. Searched for them for while tried 15 min of perch fishing and called the day.

Fish is still quite deep (75'-80').

It was hard to anchor, good thing Chevy had extra 100' rope.


Even though we both got cold and wet there were plenty of laughs and jokes. Great day after all and if ice doesn't come soon I am keeping the boat ready just in case.

Boat got solid 1" ice cover all over and the carpet inside is ready for "Hockey Night in Canada" game ;-) Ice everywhere...will take till spring to melt 8) ;D ;)


Here are few pictures I did. Those done at the lake were taken with my cell phone camera so excuse the quality.















Ice Fisherman

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