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Found Some Ice And Some Fish

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Well, Father and I took off up North Ice fishing.




left at 2am Wed Morning.


Get there around 11:30 am on the Ice by 12:15, all the tiredness went away as soon as we seen the Ice.

Day 1. Sunshine, -10 , west wind at almost nothing

Drilled 6 holes grabbed a minnow threw it on the jig I had on my pole already and shoved it in the hole in 7 feet of water.

Dad didnt even have his line in the water yet.


Jig Jig Jig. Bam, fish on. dad hadnt even got his line in the water yet and he landed me this nice 4 lb 11 oz laker



a shot of our surroundings



Dads turn and not 5 minutes later



Dad's turn again. this was the big fish of the week-end at 7 pounds even and 28 inches, he was released along with most of the fish. we did keep 6 fish in 3 days.



I was a little rusty at landing fish thru the ice and we lost alot at the hole. The fish were there and we didnt sweat it.


Hey Look a nice little Whitie



a little laker. boy what a day



Another little laker



went back bbq some food. -27 that night



Day 2. Warm at -5, south wind at 15 km/h. fish still biting, we are about to have another great day.


Fish on. the old man strikes again



Action shot of dad and his home made jiggin rod in action




boy these fish fight.

another modest little laker with alot of heart



a picture of some scenery and my thumb



a nice 6 pounder for me.




Day 3 we only have an hour and a bit to fish. better get moving

dad gets a little whitie


I got this one, and dad got another one that the pic didnt turn out. not bad for a quick hour before we leave




Had an absolute blast, all fish were caught in 7-11 feet of water, 3 different days 3 different temps, wind directions and conditions and the fish still co-operated.


cheers every one

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right on guys... :worthy::worthy::Gonefishing::thumbsup_anim: great report,and awsome looking fish,i love those lake trout they are a blast to catch,and you guys sure did that :thumbsup_anim::D thanks for sharing i wish i was there.... cheers

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Great report, nice to see some ice! 7-11' of water eh? That really boggles my mind!



I was thinking exactly the same thing ... I can see catching them up top ... but over much deeper water ... wow thats more like Speck depth ! Come t think of it the colors on those lakers is something special.



Thanks !!! great report .... with this colder weather and all those beauty pictures you got me wanting to travel north NOW :) ( had everything packed up to head north of haliburton today and chickened out for fear I might not find any ice ... so I spent the day at LeB and CT .... stocking up :)

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Very nice report and great pics.

Those lakers are beautiful.

I thought they were a mix like splake at first.


7 to 11 feet of water ? WOW !!!

Seems very shallow for lakers.

As mentioned, it wouldn't be so unusual to be getting fish 10 ft. down in deeper water.


Great trip.

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Nice catch guys! :Gonefishing::Gonefishing::rolleyes::thumbsup_anim:


Just one question...all that white stuff all over the place, what the heck is it???? :huh::D:lol: I haven't seen anything like it in soooo long!


I know what that white stuff is, and unfortunately, it has made itself self-evident in the last two days up here. Had to remove it from the steps of my house the last two days, in -20 and less temps :lol:

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Nice report. Glad some folks are getting into some Ice. But wow that was a long drive 8-9 hrs driving outch!! I'd fall alseep. :angel:




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